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Noshten Troud Daily, February 10-11, 2000


Dogs Bring in Good Profits to Their Murderers

Former Employée of the Lozenetz Dog Shelter Claims that the Captured Stray Dogs were Murdered by a Blow



By Nina Nord


Cannibalism, death by starvation and murky deals have befallen the shelter of Zoomilossurdie in Lozenetz, B.V., former employée, recently sacked for criticising the bosses of the dog shelter, said to a journalist of the Noshten Troud newspaper. B.V. worked there for eight months.


About 60 dogs are brought here every day by the teams of dog-hunters of the shelter. But at least 40 of the animals are dead on arrival, the discharged employée of the shelter claims.


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"They pay 3 leva [EUR 1.50, by current rate] per dog captured. They do not stay here 14 days, as is the law; some spend one hour, others, one day, still others - a month. Make the calculations yourselves: 5 days by 60 dogs per day - how would the dog sells be enough if each dog stayed for a fortnight?", B.V. unraveled the secrets of the hell for stray dogs.




to get the cash envisaged for a fortnight’s stay, as well as the sum for their euthanasia - 5 leva [EUR 2.50, by current rate] per dog, according to B.V. Not to waste the Euthanasine drug, sometimes those working at the Lozenetz Shelter knocked down the dog by a blow, and then left it to die in the deep freeze for corpses.


"When the trucks for the incinerator in Plovdiv are being loaded, the driver is given cash to register a bigger number of dead dogs", B.V. claims.


Sometimes dog hunters caught the pets of prominent personalities. There was terrible fuss in the shelter, when it turned out that they had captured two of the dogs Galya Dicheva, representative of His Royal Highness Tzar Simeon II, had been looking after. "They immediately sent them back to her; they could not say a word, regardless of the fact that there was no document that the dogs had been in", B.V. explained.


Quite some money coming from Germany have been invested in the dog shelter, but the dog hunters could not help even catching a dog living in front of the Embassy of Germany. The animal had been brought dead. The employées were ordered to tell the Germans that it had escaped by an opening in the fence.


It is obviously to the advantage of some that the stray dogs multiply, instead of their being castrated, because that would mean ever




The editorial board of Noshten Troud newspaper sought the opinion of the Zoomilossurdie Municipal Company under whose administration is the shelter in Lozenetz. Its employée, Mrs. Sirmenova, rejected categorically the accusations.




(Editor’s note: The name and address of B.V. are kept by the publishers of the newspaper)



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Published: Noshten Troud Daily, February 10-11, 2000 (No.28/2000), page 10

Author: Nina Nord


Published in the Website on July 17, 2002

©2000, by Nina Nord, for the article

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