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The Municipality Put to Death 2240 Dogs until May

Soups and Cosmetics are made from the Bodies of the Dead Dogs


By Diyan Nikolov,

Sega Daily (May 11, 2000)





"From the beginning of the year to date we have captured 2477 stray dogs, 2240 of which have been put to death by injection", Boris Spirov, Deputy Mayor of the capital city informed. "Only 36 mongrel dogs have been 'adopted' by dog lovers.


All the dead animals were taken to the incinerator in Plovdiv; they have not been scattered around the capital, since they might carry infection", Spirov said. "The incinerator in Plovdiv transports the bodies free of charge, and the mayoralty is not loaded by additional expenses", Spirov added.


There are about 50 000 stray dogs currently roaming in the capital, some 8000 were put to death last year.


"The problem will be resolved if we are working at this pace", Spirov stated. "The municipality will also have to build an incinerator. There has not been such a facility in the capital since 1970 and the animal bodies and the waste of the meat processing plants have been carried to Plovdiv. An incinerator is a fairly expensive facility and during this mandate we shall probably find the money", the deputy mayor explained. On the other hand, the incinerator is profitable, because after the heat processing, bone meal, fats and gelatin are obtained. The bone meal is used as animal feed and in the manufacturing of bone-glue. Fats are a basic product in cosmetics, while the gelatin is used in the making of powder soups. The best market for fats is in Turkey, where this product is basically used in cosmetics.



This article was published originally in the Sega Daily Newspaper on May 11, 2000 (page 4)



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