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Intimate With Nature Society: Statement of Aims
Animals are to be loved and cared responsibly!

Intimate With Nature Society is a non-profit organization for inspiring people to respect and care responsibly about animals.

We have the intention to achieve our aims observing the following three fields:

A. Legislation:

  • Harmonization of Bulgarian and EU Conventions and Council Directives for Humane treatment of animals.
  • Adoption of an Animal Protection Law in Bulgaria.
  • To help veterinary inspectorate to ensure the proper applying of the legislation.
  • To help for establishment of an independent group for monitoring legislation for humane treatment, transportation, slaughter, experiments, biotechnology and find resources to implement its role.
  • To create a team of animal defence-lawyers in order to protect animals from cruelty.

    B. The organization effectiveness and citizen participation:

  • To improve organization's efficiency and qualification of its members.
  • To establish an organized network of groups and NGOs having as similar policy as ours.
  • To provoke debates on various levels, with citizens and authorities.

    C. Reduction of Stray Dogs Population in Bulgaria:

  • Motivating all citizens, by informative programmes, to contribute to the mass sterilization.
  • Centers for free sterilization for stray animals.
  • Shelters - a complete Pet Rescue Center - where people can leave their companions instead of abandon them.
  • Rehoming/adoption programmes - especially with old people (pensioners) even by a financial help from the side of the animal welfare organizations.
  • Euthanasia of animals which are proved by a vet to be incurably sick and/or aggressive.
  • Terminating the reproduction period of female animals by injections until sterilization.
  • Deworming, special marking, rabies vaccination.

    Christina Slavova, Chairman of IWNS
    Intimate With Nature Society
    Reg. Charity No.: U/130552048
    Lyulin, 118 Str., Bl. 004, Entr. 2, Fl. 1
    1336 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phones: (+359 2) 249880, (+359 87) 869839

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