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Intimate With Nature Society: Aims And Activities
(A representation letter)

  1. To act according to its abilities for the conservation of the citizen environment.
  2. To seek for cooperation with state control departments for conservation, reconstruction and diversification of the landshaft architecture of the city of Sofia as parks, alleys, etc. to stimulate the state departments, community organizations and the citizens of Sofia.
  3. To seek for methods for harmonious living together of animals and people in the city.
Who we are:

People living in Lyulin, the largest township in Sofia, founded the organization. We are about 25 members, including the AnimalawBgTeam - created by 7 young people.
The problem with stray dogs has united us. That's why our main efforts now are directed mainly to solving that problem.

Activities till today:

  1. We have handed five applications to SGM (Sofia Grand Municipality) for Access to Information about dog shelters, contracts, etc. we have received "no answers".
  2. We together with The NGO Program for Access to Information have lodged complaints against the Municipality for not observing the Law for Access to Information.
  3. We make "an internal register" about stray dogs living in Lyulin. Our aims doing this are to announce that the organization backs up these stray dogs and to make the residents' complaints lodged in the municipal unit Zoomercy, in Lozenetz, reach IWNS. IWNS will try to solve the complaints' problem within a month. Otherwise the complainants will apply to Zoomercy again. This concept was presented to S. Sofiyanski on October 18th, 2000, and he approved it to be more transparent. We intend to make this concept applicable to all the areas in Sofia and limit the functions of Zoomercy. We are trying to keep the stray dogs in good health.
  4. We are constructing a website for Civil Hammer for Animal Defense through motivation emails and letters and public discussion on the idea about an Animal Protection Law in Bulgaria.
  6. We plan to lobby for new sterilizing centers and develop a PetRescue system in Bulgaria for adoption and shelters.
We would appreciate if you could provide us with your opinion and some advices on our ambitions.

IWNS & AnimalawBgTeam Statement of Aims And Activities (EN), updated May 16, 2002
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