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Intimate With Nature Society: Statement of Policies
Animals are to be loved and cared responsibly!

Intimate With Nature Society is a non-profit organization for inspiring people to respect and care responsibly about animals.

This statement is how IWNS views the way farmed and companion animals are treated.

IWNS is opposed to:

  • Cruelty and damaging of animals' health or their killing with no reason.
  • Any cause of pain, harm, suffering, distress or fear in animals.
  • The torturing, overloading, teasing, threatening or harassment of animals.
  • Any incitement to physical annihilation or harassment of animals.
  • Any use of animals for organized fights or shows, causing pain, harm or deforming of animals.
  • Any use of illegal medicaments for the animals to achieve better sport results or gain weight.

    IWNS is opposed to the breeding of cats and dogs for stock fur farms.

    Farmed animals:

    IWNS is opposed to transportation of animals that will cause them pain, harm or suffering. Animals have to be transported under conditions that guarantee for their health, physiological and behavioral needs in well-equipped means of transport specially for this purpose. If any animal gets sick during the transportation it has to be medically served as soon as possible.

    We believe that no animal has to suffer during the slaughter process. We accept humane slaughter only in cases as:

  • Farmed animals bred for meat or milk.
  • Farmed animals suffering from incurable diseases which treatment has had no result and cost much.
  • Ritual animals.

    Companion animals:

    We insist on that any animal in accordance with its species to be provided with suitable and enough food and water, suitable housing and space for free movements. We are radically against abandoning of animals, of breeding of animals in large amounts by people who have no facilities, financial means or suitable environment to do so.
    IWNS is opposed to the breeding of wild and domestic animals for companions.


    IWNS is opposed to the euthanasia of healthy animals.
    We accept euthanasia only in cases if the animals are hopelessly ill with pathological deformations causing them pain and suffering, if there is necessity for terminating a contagious animal disease or if it threatens people's health, if there are animals which has proved to be aggressive and dangerous and there is no way to rehome them.

    Stray dogs:

    IWNS is opposed to the "catch and kill policy". IWNS supports mass sterilizing and re-homing. Releases dog and bring it back to its place in case somebody is feeding it and rehoming in case the dog is a real stray.

    IWNS is for the registration of all stray and companion animals.

    Christina Slavova, Chairman of IWNS
    Intimate With Nature Society
    Reg. Charity No.: U/130552048
    Lyulin, 118 Str., Bl. 004, Entr. 2, Fl. 1
    1336 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phones: (+359 2) 249880, (+359 87) 869839

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