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Animalawbg Project:

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  • About us - AnimalawBgTeam: who we are?
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  • Intimate With Nature Society - aims & activities.

  • The Project's Goal:

    AnimalawBgTeam is the Civil Hammer for Animal Defense in Bulgaria.
    We exist since July, 2001, as a part of the Intimate With Nature Society.

    The final goal to be reached is the adoption of Animal Protection Law in Bulgaria, harmonized with the European standarts for humane treatment of animals and the Bulgarian situation.

    Then we will close this webpage.

    Up to come: become numerous "we".

    Up to come: to discuss the bills and prepare mutual statements.

    Up to come: to learn how to seek for our citizen right.

    Up to come: to come to light.

    Up to come: to think together.

    AnimalawBgTeam are "We".

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